About Us

CEDA was founded by Andrew Macintosh, who was looking for ways to help western schools work better with developing country schools. Andrew is on the board of governors of an international school, and the Westline Education Group in Cambodia.

      While on a service weekend in Cambodia for a charity, Andrew noticed that his children were more interested in spending time in the classroom of the local school, than helping to build a washstand at the school. He started thinking about ways to share meaningful skills that could benefit children from both countries. After a year of exploring ideas and shaping a potential program, CEDA was born. The following summer, Andrew’s children taught in a Westline school as the first CEDA tour.

      Our vision is to grow CEDA to benefit both participating children and in-country children, from all over the world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create developing world experiences that benefit in-country primary school children, participants and teachers.

      We aim for in-country children to gain exposure to new cultures and accents, while continuing their standard learning curriculum.

      We aim for young adults to gain practical teaching experience, and use their skills and education to help in-country primary school-aged children in a developing country.

      We aim to help in-country teachers access professional continuing development they might otherwise not have access to.

The Westline School?

The Westline Group of Schools comprise 11 campuses across the sprawling city of Phnom Penh, Cambodia, educating over 10,000 students from kindergarten to year 12.

      Westline offers a blended US and Australian curriculum, delivered in both Khmer and English language. English classes are taught by native English speaking teachers from around the world.